Netflix and the Infamous Rabbit Hole of Movies

It’s no secret that Netflix is notorious for it’s “too much” appearance. As soon as you open the app, thousands of shows, documentaries, movies, and more are shoved down your throat. It’s self-titled as the “King of Movie Apps.” But with its quantity over quality attitude, it begs the question, is Netflix really all it’s put out to be?

Memes all over the internet have the same punchline. Spending 30 minutes to an hour looking for anything to watch on Netflix to just end up being too overwhelmed and not watching anything. Other competing apps like Hulu or HBO may not have over 5,000 titles, but the way they are formatted feels more organized and relaxed. Take HBO for instance, when you open the app they give you a slideshow of some of the most popular movies and TV shows. Then below they have a couple of slide options. However, HBO is focused on using the minimalist feature, which ended up being super beneficial for them because every show I watch on HBO has been perfect.

Netflix does have its own original series where they film their own movies. Now some are good like “Stranger Things” and “You.” However, I’m talking about the bad Netflix originals like “The Kissing Booth” with Uproxx saying “I can confirm this is not a good film. In fact, it’s themes are at times unsettling.” To “The Ridiculous 6” with The Wrap calling it “Everything wrong with Hollywood for the past two decades.” Or “Girlboss” with Film Daily saying “The show is only good for the most extreme hate-watching.” Netflix Original movies lack in every sense of the way with themes, acting, and quality. I could go on forever. I’ll leave it at this though: Netflix Original movies are nothing but a nuisance to the viewer.

Netflix isn’t really all that it’s put out to be. It takes well over 30 minutes to find a good show at best. Netflix’s recommendation bar is a joke and their set up system shoves customers down this never-ending rabbit hole of movies and tv shows. I think I’ll stick with my HBO.