Top Ten Ways to Stay Entertained in Quarantine


The High Art Museum has been posting weekly challenges to keep people entertained at home. Week one was to recreate art from the museum, using items around the house; I recreated a photography piece by Clarence Laughlin. (Photo by Grace Wood)

For over a month now, we have not been able to go to school or even go see our friends hardly because of quarantine, but it does not mean we can’t have a little fun cooped up in our own homes. Here is a top ten list of different things you can do to pass the time during quarantine:

  1. Make/Watch Tik Toks: There are endless possibilities of content on this app, such as, making skits, telling stories, lip-syncing, and dancing. I posted a video of my dog catching a treat up high in the air, and it got quite a number of views and likes.
  2. Giant Water Balloon Fight with the Fam: My sister had an abundance of water balloons for some reason, so we decided to have an epic water balloon fight. Water guns or water hoses are a great substitution if there is no water balloon lying around the house.
  3. High Art museum: Not only is the High creating a virtual experience for everyone to enjoy their art but they are also creating weekly challenges that anyone can participate in on their Instagram page. The challenges appear in their stories or highlights. Currently, they are on week three, which includes some coloring sheets inspired by the artwork in the High. Share your art pieces on Instagram with #highartmuseumathome and tag @highmuseumofart.
  4. Write: It is believed that Shakespeare wrote the play “King Lear” while in quarantine for the bubonic plague, which is probably one of his greatest tragedies. Quarantine would be a great opportunity to start a journal, a blog, or a book. Not to mention writing is a great way to express your feelings during all of this craziness.
  5. Games: There are several apps available that friends can play online together, such as Words with Friends and Draw with Friends. Moreover, you could also play board/card games like Monopoly or Uno with your family to pass the time.
  6. Baking: Bake a cake or a tray of brownies! Whether it is to celebrate the class of 2020 or because you just want to eat a cake, it is always fun to bake a delicious chocolate cake with icing. 
  7. Binge Watch Movies/TV shows: I am currently rewatching my all-time favorite shows since there is an abundance of time in quarantine. It is also a great time to watch all of the Star Wars and the Marvel movies too.
  8. Play an instrument: Quarantine is a great opportunity to finally pick up that instrument sitting in your room and learn how to play it. YouTube offers several channels who can teach people how to play various instruments from the ukelele to the piano.
  9. Download Duolingo and learn a language: This app contains an influx of different languages from French to Korean with a variety of lessons already prepared, and not to mention Duolingo is completely free.
  10. Start a YouTube channel: Whether it is makeup, gaming, vlogging, or a comedy channel, Youtube is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.

Have fun during quarantine and wash your hands!