Carena Ravenal’s Trip to Remember


Junior Carena Ravenal during her most recent trip to Ghana in 2020. Photo by: Carena Ravenal (Instagram).

If you were allowed to change a child’s life for the better, would you? Junior Carena Ravenal hopes to do just that by pairing with an organization known as CORM, which stands for City of Refuge Ministries. During the summer of 2021, Ravenal plans on taking a big step towards change by traveling to Ghana, Africa to support the nonprofit corporation, “Faith Journey,” which is run by her mother. This organization’s goal is to rescue poor children from the slave trade that takes place in Ghana.


Ghana is facing a slave trade among poor children. The people that run the slave trade, known as slave masters, disguise themselves and approach single mothers with little to no money. They tell these mothers that they can take their children and train them to learn skills that will allow them to defend themselves. Slave masters also say that once the child has learned these skills, they will send money to the mother and her remaining children to ensure their promise. These women feel that they have no choice and believe that their child will be cared for, so they allow their child to go with the disguised slave master. However, these children do not end up going where they are said to go. 


The slave masters end up taking the children to Lake Volta to work for them through fishing. No money is sent back to the mothers, and the children rarely ever see their families again. After that, the children are poorly fed and beaten daily. Then, they are instructed to fish. If they refuse to do so, it could cost them their lives. The saddest part is that these kids have seen their friends die, and when they are stolen from their homes, they no longer remember where they came from or how old they are. While this is upsetting to hear, there is a solution to saving these kids from this horrible life. 


CORM, the other organization that Ravenal will be representing during this trip, is dedicated to rescuing these kids and giving them a new chance at life. CORM will provide a place for these kids to stay in and a loving environment to flourish in after this traumatizing experience. The organization will also pay for all of the expenses of their education. Additionally, CORM helps single mothers learn new skills and raise awareness for the dangers of the slave trade happening on Lake Volta in Ghana. 


Ravenal gave a heartfelt statement on the situation saying, “This story is so sad. When you look at these kids, you would never be able to guess that they have been through so much in such a short period. They are all so happy and full of life. They are normal kids, just like the ones here in America. The reason I go to Ghana as often as I can is that I want to make sure that these kids feel safe and loved.” 


If you are interested in donating to Ravenal to help her on this trip, click here. Any money raised will help pay for food, rent, water, electricity, plane tickets, etc. Ravenal is also doing everything she can to fund the trip: “I plan on selling a few things that I own. I am picking up extra shifts at my job. I am also babysitting on the side and tutoring when I can. I can’t do it without the help of my community,” Ravenal expressed.