Coach Archer: Uniting Raider Nation Through Cheer


Chemistry and Oceanography teacher, Heidi Archer, was announced as the NFHS Varsity Sideline and Basketball Cheer Coach. She hopes to bring life and energy to the Raider Valley and Raider Arena. Photo by: Heidi Archer.

With the opening of East Forsyth High School next school year, many teachers are shifting to other schools in the county. Due to this shift, Heidi Archer will be the new coach for the North Varsity Sideline and Basketball Cheerleading squads. Archer has taught Chemistry and Oceanography at North for three years and is very excited to help make Raider Nation a better place.


Archer has coached high school varsity, sideline and competition cheer for 14 years. As a student, she cheered competitively from the sixth grade to college and has competed in state and regional level competitions. During her coaching time, she has led her teams to a few regional and state wins, and also national bids, which require an invite from the national level.


Archer loves to build strong relationships with her athletes. She describes it as “a very unique relationship, stronger than a teacher relationship.” She also loves “when the crowds can impact a game” and “effect or amp up the atmosphere that a game is played in.” Archer is very excited to work with Jessica Wood (Head Coach) to build unity in the cheer program. She hopes to focus on getting the Raider Valley and Raider Arena crowds more involved through cheering and working together. She expresses that “I feel strongly about whatever my home field or home court looks like. We need to know what we’re going to do to make it difficult for the opposing teams. A loud and energetic crowd helps the players get energized and fight harder against the opposing teams.” Archer wants to make Raider Valley and Raider Arena “a tough place to play in where others don’t want to come back here, in a good sportsman kind of way.”


The next school year will be the beginning of a new journey for Archer as she begins to build new squads and Raider pride.