Sitting Down With David Adesina, the New Class President


The picture above was used on David Adesina’s campaign poster. The simple but stylish photo paints himself as laid back but professional. Photo By: David Adesina

Senior class elections were concluded a few weeks ago, resulting in David Adesina being elected as class president for the class of 2022. When he heard the news that he won, he felt “happy and appreciative.”


Adesina, a starting cornerback for the varsity football team, enjoys playing sports and spending time with his family outside of school. He had never considered running for class president until this past school year when a fellow student recommended he run. From then on, he held the “why not?” mentality. 


When asked about what he loves most about the North Forsyth community, Adesina notes the camaraderie and support everyone shows each other. The fact that so many people help others without being asked is something this community takes to heart. Adesina is focusing on being his own leader and taking to heart what the student body cares about most. In his opinion, “…the best leaders are those who value the ideas and beliefs of those who lead.” 


One of the new president’s wishes is to reverse the grouped nature of the senior class through different events. While we are not cliquey, we could all come together as one more often and Adesina plans on accomplishing this feat. 


The biggest lesson Adesina has learned from football that he can apply to leading as class president is putting aside one’s wants and needs to meet the wants and needs of others. This will then solve many problems that we face as a school and community. 


Adesina explained that his ability to elicit the best out of everyone around him is his biggest strength and why he thinks he is a solid fit for the role of class president. His past experiences of mentoring younger kids has allowed him to care for others who depend upon him, reflect back to where he has been, where he is now, and where he is going, and allows him to be the good in others’ lives. 


Adesina also wants everyone to know that he is an easy-going person who is always open to talking. He appreciates new ideas or concerns presented by the senior class. Adesina is eager to take on the challenges and honor presented by being class president and is looking forward to the remaining few months for the senior class.