Social Media is Taking the Reading World by Storm


An example of the new BookTok tables being displayed in Barnes & Noble. Photo Source: Instagram

An anonymous source once said, “Between the pages of a book is a lovely place to be.” If one walked into their local Barnes & Noble, or simply took a trip to the shelves of Walmart and Target, it would be blatantly obvious that others agree. 


With the growing popularity of social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, the growth of certain activities, reading is a perfect example, continues to expand.  The users of these social media platforms have coined terms for their own “book lovers.” BookTok and Bookstagram continue to influence all generations, especially teens, who love reading. 


The two platforms consist of readers reviewing and rating recent books they have read. BookTok is most famous for its constant book recommendations in all genres of reading. 


Junior, Mallory Durant, discusses a few of her favorite books she has discovered from the BookTok platform. “I had seen the book Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp and was interested in reading it. I absolutely loved it because it utilizes different perspectives on the same tragic event. It was very engulfing and insightful. I had also seen and heard about Looking for Alaska by John Green. The book had a great plotline that made it an easy read.”


Walking into the local Barnes & Noble, it is clear that BookTok has influenced sales. The tables in the front are fully labeled with signs that read “BookTok” romance, adventure, fantasy, etc. This new form of influence and advertisement allows readers to rediscover books they may have overlooked in the past. The platforms also enable popularity to form around older literature. Several Classics such as Pride and Prejudice, a novel by Jane Austen continue to trend on the platform. 


Not only does this increased interest in reading lead to success in book sales, but it also leads to new opportunities for viewers. Many people are discovering a love for literature and have begun their journey. Several viewers have created their own page in which they write or review novels giving literature hope and a future. 


Bookstagram is a side of Instagram full of content from different book influencers. Each influencer can choose a certain genre they want to focus on. Other influencers are labeled “hodge-podge,” as they read everything. These accounts focus on promoting some of their favorite books, shedding light on why people should read and share them with others. 


This promotion of books not only promotes book sales, but also creates a sense of community online. It gives book lovers a place to socialize and discuss one of their favorite hobbies with others that feel the same. This sense of community teaches communication skills in younger generations which can prove to be very beneficial for their success. It can also encourage them to further explore their reading and writing skills.


Social media is a big influencer in today’s younger generations. It often decides the popularity of a person or activity. Through its influence, younger generations have been exposed to the unlimited possibilities in the world of literature making reading a trend that will never go out of style.