Valentine’s for the House of Waffles


NFHS math teacher Benita Burruss and her husband enjoyed their meal on Valentine’s Day. Photo by Benita Burruss.

February is the month of Valentine’s: of love and romance. Several businesses and restaurants chose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their own specialties. One was Waffle House, as favored by North math teacher Benita Burruss.


“It is only on Valentine’s Day, and it’s only at selected Waffle House locations,” our resident Waffle House aficionado explained with rapport. “They put out tablecloths and flowers on the table–made it really fancy.”


Burruss has already celebrated a few other occasions at Waffle House, such as her anniversary and birthday, and is now adding to that with a reserved seat for Valentine’s Day.


She acknowledged that Waffle House would have a special menu for the day but did not know what the event menu entailed. She does remember, though, that there used to be a steak special. Her favorite item to eat, however, is the brown waffle and crispy hash browns.


A couple of days later and after the Valentine’s special passed, Burruss explained, “All reservations were taken, and the place was packed the whole night.”


“Best – Best Valentine’s Day ever!” she exclaimed. “My waffle was cooked perfectly–a brown waffle, crispy on the outside and gooey kind of on the inside. The crispy hash browns were also perfect.”


They had a couple special, including dinners and desserts along with breakfast specials. One of the other fun things Waffle House did for Valentine’s was a photo booth. They would give out little jackets, or sleeves, for your pictures once they developed too.


All in all, Burruss found the entire event perfect, and it certainly sounds like it would have been. Other restaurants had these specials too, such as Chick-Fil-A. There are likely to be more specials like this one in the future, not just on Valentine’s Day; why not give events and specials like it a shot?