Getting Involved: Classes Offered at North


Senior Emily York and junior Sophie Gavin are office aids during second period. Photo by Elizabeth Wood.

North offers countless classes for students to learn and grow. However, not many courses provide students with the chance to help the school and community. Here are some pathways North offers that allow students to make Raider Nation a better place!


Students do not have to be expert writers to join journalism. With a class that focuses on writing, staff members’ writing skills grow over time. Staff members write news articles, sports articles, features articles, opinion articles and literature pieces. Photography and design are also important aspects of the course. The journalism class also creates a literary magazine which is a collection of student literature, art and photography pieces. The journalism class mirrors real-life journalism and is deadline-driven. It is not a creative writing class. 


Sophomore Kiera Walker, current staff member and social media manager, said she joined journalism because “[she] enjoy[s] writing and might want to major in journalism.” Walker’s favorite part of journalism is “being creative with writing articles and Raider Wire extras.”


Junior Tori Harrill, also a current staff member, said she joined journalism because “[she] really like[s] writing and ELA has always been [her] strong suit.” She liked the idea of going into a class where you are writing about different topics. Harrill said her favorite part of journalism is “you have a lot of creativity and freedom in the class to write about what you want.”


Yearbook is an opportunity to create something monumental and to leave your legacy. The staff works hard year-round to provide the North community with something to treasure for the rest of their lives. In yearbook, staff members experience a fast-paced work environment as historians who document the student body, campus life, extracurriculars and more! 


Junior Emmelyn Harrison, the current yearbook names editor, said she applied for yearbook because “[she] knew it would be out of [her] comfort zone and wanted to be more outgoing when talking to people. Yearbook has really helped [her] with that.” Harrison’s favorite part of yearbook is “being able to meet new people when [she] go[es] out and interview[s] them [as well as] having a little family in the room.”


Library Science allows students to help North be great. Library aids help teachers and students with printing, deliveries, laminating, etc. Library Science is only open to juniors and seniors.


Junior Tyler Roberts says he applied to be a library aid because “[he] dropped one of [his] classes and needed another class.” Roberts said, “[he] like[s] being able to get work done during this class” and that “it’s fun helping teachers.”


Junior Margie Ridings said she chose to be a library aid “because [she] had prior experience with working in a library and thought being an aid would help [her] learn more and help those around [her].” Ridings said she likes “how it is not very structured in what [they] do and [they] get to help those around [them].”


Office aids work with the public, checking students in and out. Office aids must be committed to being at school every day and being self-motivated. Office aids must maintain integrity in dealing with confidential information. Office aid is only open to juniors and seniors. 


Senior Emily York says she applied to be an office aid because “[she] wanted to drop a class, so [she] needed another class, and thought it would be fun.” York’s favorite part of being an office aid is “calling people out of class and using the phone.” 


Junior Sophie Gavin says she applied to be an office aid because “[she] had an extra class period and [she] thought that [it] would give [her] good people skills.” Gavin said her favorite part of being an office aid is “being a part of the little front office team, and it’s really nice working with and meeting new people.” 


If students are looking for an opportunity to help their school and community, there are plenty of possibilities through yearbook, office aid and library science. These course offerings allow students to make Raider Nation a better place!