The Music Community Comes Together in a Performance of “Materna Requiem”

After months of dedication and hard work, North Forsyth Choir’s Cantamus and Chamber Singers presented “Materna Requiem” by Rebecca Dale on April 26 at the new FoCAL Center. The requiem translates to “a requiem for my mother” and consists of both an orchestra and choral vocals. The performance premiered in memory and honor of Eugene Seese’s mother, Caroline Seese, who passed away earlier this year.


The performance consisted of over 150 performers from all around the county. Band students from North and East Forsyth had the opportunity to perform alongside professional musicians from the community and teachers from around the county in an orchestra. Not only were students involved in the magnificent performance, but the performance also featured teacher soloists from around the county, including Amanda Steinberg (Piney Grove Middle School), Cory Speakman (East Forsyth High School), Sarah Lindvall (West Forsyth High School) and Claire Pappas (Hendricks Middle School).


Junior Abby Shoemake shared her experience as a member of the requiem’s choir. “My favorite part of the requiem was a movement called ‘Dies Irae and Requiem Variations’ because it begins with an intense sound and then transitions into sections of beauty and gentleness. The overall experience was amazing. Witnessing different groups of musicians come together to make a masterpiece was truly a wonderful experience.”


After experiencing such a major and sorrowful loss in the choir community, the “Materna Requiem” was a perfectly stunning experience to bring the community together in honor of such an astonishing woman. Thank you, Caroline Seese, for your undying support and faith in the arts; you were a light in this world. The North Forsyth Choir program thanks, loves and honors your memory in all its music and performances to continue making you proud.