EOCTs & AP Exams: How to Pass & Prepare for Them

Dates for the 2022 EOCT exams. Photo by Kinley Waltman.

Dates for the 2022 EOCT exams. Photo by Kinley Waltman.

EOCTs took place the first week of May. 


Monday, May 2 was US History, Tuesday, May 3 was Biology, Wednesday, May 4 was American Literature Section 1, Thursday, May 5 was American Literature Sections 2 and 3 and Friday, May 6 was Algebra 1. 


AP Exams also spanned throughout this week and the next. 


There is no simple way to score perfectly on any of these exams. To achieve a high score, a combination of study habits, material understanding and practice is important. 


A significant amount of the AP Human Geography Exam focused on data such as graphs, charts and maps, so be sure to strengthen your abilities in these categories. 


Some other AP classes have longer written portions, such as AP Lang, World, Psych and US History. STEM-related AP classes should memorize formulas. 


Sophomore Jaxxon Otteson’s favorite way to study is “creating flashcards about key topics and then going over them multiple times.” He also takes practice quizzes and tests online for the material he is learning. Otteson also stated that the “population pyramids and how to read them” showed up the most on the AP Human Exam. 


If you prefer something on paper, you could section your main notes from each unit, lay them out like a chart and look over them. When taking any of these exams, do not spend too much time on one question; skip if you have to. 


Junior Dillon Thomas revealed that the unit that showed up most on the AP Biology Exam was “Evolution.”


Hopefully, this insight assists in getting you started when studying for EOCTs and AP Exams next school year. It is vital to have good study habits and prepare yourself ahead of time. Right now, though, look forward to summer break and the sunny days ahead!