Senior Class Representatives


The senior class officers have been released. Photo by: @nfhs_seniors.

On Oct. 6 voting was held in the hallway leading to the Performing Arts Center (PAC) for homecoming court, senior superlatives, and senior class representatives. Students were brought from their English classes to vote for who they want to lead their class. 


Only juniors and seniors are allowed to have class representatives. Every year students vote for and choose representatives by what position they fit best. The representatives are elected to be the voice of their class. Their job is to tell administrators what the class is feeling and what they could do better.


The winners were announced at the end of the day on Oct. 7. The senior class officers are Noah Colwell as president, Mallory Durant as vice president, Kamryn Gardner as secretary, and Shawn Chansipaeng as treasurer. Congratulations to our senior class officers!


Colwell was voted class president in 2021, making this year his second year as president. Colwell ran for president again because “I knew that I could potentially make a positive impact on this school and hopefully be the voice of the students to the staff,” said Colwell. After he found out he was president he was “mostly relieved… because I had been stressing about it all Friday, but it also gave me hope that I could actually make a positive impact,” explained Colwell. By being president for two years now Colwell knows what he has gotten himself into and is ready for the tasks that follow. He can’t wait to represent his class again.


Durant is the senior vice president. Her job is to help Colwell make decisions and work with him and the treasurer to make the calendar and prepare the budget. Durant was voted and chosen for because she represents what the vice president’s responsibilities are. 


Representing the categories it takes to be the senior class secretary, Gardner was voted for as many people see her fitting this position. Her responsibilities include helping with organization of files, managing supplies, and preparing documents. 


Chansipaeng, treasurer of the senior class, was voted in because of his ability to oversee all financial transactions and fundraising activities. Chansipaeng was very “excited and super happy” when he heard he was the senior class treasurer as this will be his “second year as a class office.” Shawn ran for this position because “it would allow me to help plan all the senior stuff at the end of the year and make everyone’s last year of highschool the most memorable.