What’s Trending at North?


Seniors Abby Shoemake and Emmelyn Harrison wore College Merch (Photo by Sarah Treusch).

North students were definitely on top of the trends as the seasons transitioned, but the same can not necessarily be said for the dropping temperatures. The weather has certainly pushed many to advert to merely wearing their pajamas to class, while others spiced up their wardrobe with the many fun fashion trends brought to the table. 



Trends come and go, but UGG boots have officially made their comeback. Those in touch with their creative side have even DIY’ed their old UGGs into UGG Minis. UGG Neumels certainly reigned last year, and rightfully linger; however, UGG Minis, Tasman’s and Coquettes stole the crown this frigid season.



It’s a shirt; it’s a jacket. It’s a shacket! Layering is a must as the chilly weather rolls in, and shackets make it too easy. They’re heavier than a flannel, yet lighter than a winter coat. They can be relatively cheap as well. Shackets are just about the best crossover since the Victorious and iCarly episode.


Fan Gear

Seniors who applied early have started to rep college gear from universities that they have been accepted to, and NFL fans are breaking out fanwear in hats, shirts and even backpacks. With the peak college football season, there are more Georgia Bulldogs wandering the halls than ever before.


New Balance

Adidas and Nike tennis shoes have exited the trends as more guys wear New Balance 574 shoes. There is a clear divide in people’s opinions of them. Haters claim they are grandpa-core. On the other hand, wearers don’t seem to care.


Platform Converse

Converse are back and taller than ever–as in the sole and not the height it approaches towards the knee. They come in about every color, and Converse even has a customization feature. The classic white or black pairs are still the most popular, however.


We are bringing comfy back. Colder weather is bringing in the layers, and we’re not complaining about it. The fun winter fashion is the perfect blend of comfort chic and college core just inside the North halls.