Express Yourself


Think outside of the box and create a handmade Valentine’s box. Photo by: Sarah Truesch.

Artists don’t get enough recognition. A majority of people would enjoy the art piece, but not know the artist. This is where artistic expression is important for students when they create art. Art students spend their entire class time painting, drawing, sketching, and prepping to execute their art piece. There are many processes an AP Art student might take to create their art and display themselves in their piece.


Halfway through his senior year, Carter Larson continues to shine in Deanna Boyanton’s AP Art class. “[Art] is how I express myself, [express] my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It is an outlet for my creativity,” said Larson. Very few artists are recognized for their work, most students create art despite the little recognition they receive. “I find art as an outlet for creativity, and I hold it close as I grow as a person. If it gets me recognized, cool. If not, also cool,” said Larson. Perhaps recognition is not everything to an artist as one might have thought. An art medium is the materials an artist uses in order to create a piece.  Art mediums vary from the materials one uses to the art techniques, like watercolor or painting. He admits, “I don’t have a favorite or least favorite. I like constantly expanding on what I’ve learned from each medium [and] growing and testing out new ones.” 


Continuing through Larson’s art process, it is apparent to see the struggles one may face. The art process can be challenging when creating a piece. “I like to create a sort of plan and get a rough draft of how I want my piece to look, feel, and emit emotions,” stated Larson. He then explained his personal challenges during the process, “I think the hardest [part of the] process for me is learning to break from the piece and come back to it to get a fresh set of eyes.” He explains, “I’m more of a ‘push through it and just get the piece done,’ which isn’t the best idea in my opinion.”


An artist expresses themself through their art in their unique way. Larson explained, “I usually try to paint what I feel or how I see. I like adding my own little things that I feel are unique to myself and really make it my own in some sense rather than to emulate other people.” Larson is just one AP Art student. Each artist expresses themself in their art and struggles differently as well. Everyone can make art and express themselves in their way. Some people choose art because it is a hobby, while others, similar to Larson, use art for self-expression. Larson said, “I just like art because it helps me to express myself.”