Georgia Man Gone Missing



Hopes and prayers to the Millard family

Scenic Highway became the scene of a ruthless murder on March 6. The man’s body, Nathan Millard, was found twelve days after he reportedly went missing. His body was lying near Scenic Highway, wrapped in a rug and plastic. Millard, a husband and a father of five, had left Georgia to attend a brief business meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. The next day, he never made it to the meeting or back to where he was staying. That was when his wife, Amber Millard, knew to file a missing persons report. It took twelve long days before someone found his body only a few blocks away from Happy’s Irish Pub, where he was last seen. 


Authorities state that his phone and debit card were missing from the body and several uses of his card had been placed during the days he was missing. The night of his disappearance was captured by security footage from a business nearby. The footage showed two men, one of them being Millard, and another man who was stumbling and intoxicated, walking with him. Around 4 a.m., he was last seen by a security guard near Greyhound station. The security guard spoke with authorities, stating Millard spoke with him briefly but did not show signs of being in any danger.


Along with the security footage, authorities are investigating every factor and detail of the case to find out what exactly happened to Millard that night. In the autopsy, his body had no signs of trauma. Although the investigation is still ongoing, there have been considerations of an accidental overdose as his possible cause of death. All in all, everything is being done to bring justice to Millard and his family. His wife, who had also filed her husband as missing, stated, “It was not anything I ever thought would be my last call,” when recalling the last time she spoke with her husband.


There have been no reports of any possible suspects. Investigators plan to investigate all who may be related to his disappearance and murder, including the last people he was at the Pub, the security guard, and the man in the footage.