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Lany Campbell
Lany Campbell is a spunky sophomore entering her second year of journalism. Her passions include music, reading, writing, drawing, and annoying her friends whenever she can. At any point in time, her calm demeanor can instantly turn into stress due to the amount of work she forgot to do the previous night. Being a queen of procrastination, she can, ultimately, find herself staying up to the late hours of night trying to finish assignments after color guard due to Thomas' incessant ranting and raving. Once home, she questions every reason she chose to participate in science and math classes that seem unbelievably challenging, yet manages to turn the assignment in on time without a care in the world. Luckily, once she has a minute to herself, and music to take comfort in, she will bounce back almost as quickly as she started stressing and freaking out. Her favorite artists/bands consist of NF, Twenty One Pilots, a dash of classic rock, and too many more to count.   All in all, she is a very loving and kind friend who is always happy to lend a helping hand whenever someone needs it, and longs to become a journalist for a small business or magazine.

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer

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Lany Campbell