R5: The Beginning of a Successful Career


Image Group LA

This is a picture taken of R5 at one of their tour destinations. (Left to right: Rocky, Riker, Ross, Rydel, Ratliff).

Lany Campbell, Staff Writer

R5 is a melodic pop rock ensemble that incorporates angelic harmonies and gentle acoustics to blend into a positive, upbeat melody. The drums and keyboard are audible, but not to the point that it overwhelms the overall sound quality of the piece. Instead, their parts are carefully thought out to make music, unlike the noise that follows the usual creativity-destroying fundamentals and basics. This allows them to form a more rugged, gritty sound that differentiates them from other groups and music styles.

R5, who formed in 2009, remains together today.  Band members Riker, Ross, and Rydel Lynch all originated from Colorado. There they mentored each other on how to play guitar and keyboard, their current instruments. They were then relocated to Los Angeles, California, where they met their soon to be drummer, Ellington Ratliff. Ross Lynch is considered the lead singer and guitarist, even though there really is no lead singer, given that they all sing solos in each song. However, he is heard slightly more than the rest. Riker is the bassist, Rocky is the guitarist, and lastly Rydel as the keyboardist.

In 2010, they released their debut EP, Ready Set Rock. This project was the first song and EP they wrote together. An EP (short for extended play) is a recording that contains more music than a single, but usually is too short to qualify as an album/LP. It was also the one that put them on the map in the music business. This EP has a rock and roll tonal quality, given the title it represents, but remains upbeat and has a fun-loving sound.

In 2012, they signed their recording contract with Hollywood Records, and the band members decided to do a few things to help boost their fan base. For example, Riker has a reoccurring role on the hit TV show Glee, and Ross scored two starring roles in Teen Beach Movie as Brady and Austin and Ally as Austin Moon.

In the spring of 2012, they released Loud, their second EP, followed by their debut album Louder. They were also given the Next Big Thing award at the Next Big Thing awards show, which aired on Disney Channel.

Last year marked the conclusion to their European Tour and the release of their third EP, Heart Made Up on You in July.  Smile was the first single released that would later be added to their second album, Sometime Last Night. This album showcases a more mature sound quality and outlook on the band. Overall instrumentation consists of a string of a string ensemble, major key tonality, acoustic rhythms and guitar, percussion sound and harmonics in instrumentation and vocals.

This comical and rock-styled band of siblings has captured the hearts of many ad will soon capture yours after listening to one of their amazing songs.