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What Should You Wear for Spirit Week?

Posters of the Spirit Week themes have been posted all over North by the student council. Previously, Monday was Senior Citizen day, but out of respect, it was changed.

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

September 18, 2017

One of the most exciting weeks of every student’s high school career is here: homecoming spirit week. Every year, NFHS hosts a week where students can dress up as a certain theme as a way to excite students for the upcoming game. Although, many students dress up and go all out, some people are uns...

Celebrating Halloween into November – Top Fives

Here, you can learn the top five things to do, books, costumes and movies! These pumpkins at Kinsey’s Family Farm capture an essence of how fun Halloween is.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

November 7, 2016

Halloween may be over, but it’s such a fun holiday that many continue to celebrate the spookiness well into November. These Halloween treats are what we love about this fun holiday. Now, let’s run through the top five of some of our favorite aspects of Halloween that you can use to keep the spirit...

Three Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Procrastinators

: Have a fun and spooky Halloween with these cheap and easy costumes! Photo used with permission from Ainslee Silverthorne.

Leilani Gibbons, Staff Writer

November 10, 2015

Any self-proclaimed procrastinator is familiar with the routine of waiting last minute to complete something, even after having months to prepare, and Halloween is not an exception to this pattern. If you are one of these previously mentioned procrastinators, chances are you have not planned your costume...

D.I.Y. Halloween Tips, Tricks, & Treats

Halloween’s spooky atmosphere calls on the dead for some representation. Visiting graveyards that are available to the public is a sure way to liven up your holiday!

Savannah Keith, Poetry Editor

October 10, 2014

Annually, Halloween falls on the same day of every year, repetitive and mundane; but the dull bore of answering doors does not have to be just endured any longer. There is a cornucopia of ways to spice your season and holiday with simple and intricate tricks that will keep you busy, uplifted, and on...

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