Celebrating Halloween into November – Top Fives


Here, you can learn the top five things to do, books, costumes and movies! These pumpkins at Kinsey’s Family Farm capture an essence of how fun Halloween is.

Grace Wood, Staff Writer

Halloween may be over, but it’s such a fun holiday that many continue to celebrate the spookiness well into November. These Halloween treats are what we love about this fun holiday. Now, let’s run through the top five of some of our favorite aspects of Halloween that you can use to keep the spirit going.


For those who still love to celebrate Halloween, here are some of the top five activities:

  • Six Flags Over Georgia pulls into first with their annual Fright Fest; it contains many spooky, fun activities like haunted houses, shows, rides and scare zones.
  • If spooky fun is not your thing, then go to Kinsey Family Farm. Here, you can pick out the perfect pumpkin for your Jack-o-Lantern, ride a hayride and feed their farm animals.
  • Mazes are fun, but what about haunted mazes? Uncle Shuck’s offers us just that.
  • If one does not want to spend too much on Halloween, then a campfire, s’mores and some good friends are just the thing for you.
  • Trick or Treating pushed itself into fifth place. It may be “too childlike” for teens to do, but no one can resist the urge to get free candy.


The top books for teens of this Halloween month are:

  • “The Hammer of Thor”
  • “Star Wars Ahsoka”
  • “The Fever Code”
  • “Thirteen Reasons Why”
  • “Library of Souls”


The book by Rick Riordan, Hammer of Thor, is about Magnus Chase and his friends hunting for Thor’s hammer, so the mortals will not find themselves defenseless against the army of giants. With the movie “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” coming out soon, Star Wars Ahsoka is a great book to read. This book tells the story of the Jedi, Ahsoka, after the Clone Wars and of the choices she makes. The Fever Code places in third—this book is the fifth book of James Dashner’s series, The Maze Runner. It reveals all the secrets that readers have been waiting for. The fourth book is Thirteen Reasons Why. This book tells the story of why Hannah Baker took her own life, and it teaches us how we can impact others’ lives. The last book is a rather interesting book, titled Library of Souls; it is about a boy named Jacob who discovers a new power that takes him back in time to save his peculiar friends.


Still do not know what to be for Halloween? Well, here are the top five predicted costumes of 2016 to give you some ideas. Snapchat’s popular filter, “rainbow vomit,” takes lead, being a very cute and funny costume idea. Next, with the new Captain America movie out, Captain America fights his way to second place. Up next is Suicide Squad’s super star, Harley Quinn; the character is known as funny, spooky and crazy which makes her perfect for a Halloween costume. If you love Pokemon Go, then going trick or treating as Pikachu is just for you. Dressing up as one of America’s presidential candidates has been popular choice with the election coming its way.


Ah yes, Halloween movies—let’s recap all of the classic Halloween movies that have gathered over the years. Halloweentown haunts its way first; the movie tells the story of a girl who discovers that she is a witch and later saves the town from other supernatural creatures. The movie, Casper shows the story of supernatural expert and his daughter who move into a house haunted by paranormal spirits. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown speaks the story of the Peanut gang going trick or treating while Linus sits in a pumpkin patch waiting for the Great Pumpkin. Nightmare Before Christmas could also be considered a Christmas movie, but it still contains the spooky content that any Halloween movie has. This movie presents the king of Halloween town, Jack Skeleton, running into Christmas town and learning of Christmas, but Jack does not exactly understand the holiday and almost ruins Christmas. Lastly, Hotel Transylvania displays Dracula’s hotel where other creatures and their families can be themselves with no humans around.


Now, you can decide what to do, read, wear, watch or all of the above this Halloween—Happy Halloween!