What Should You Wear for Spirit Week?


Posters of the Spirit Week themes have been posted all over North by the student council. Previously, Monday was Senior Citizen day, but out of respect, it was changed.

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

One of the most exciting weeks of every student’s high school career is here: homecoming spirit week. Every year, NFHS hosts a week where students can dress up as a certain theme as a way to excite students for the upcoming game. Although, many students dress up and go all out, some people are unsure of what they should wear on each day. This year, the Spiritweek days fall on Sept. 18 through Sept. 22 with the big game against Woodstock High School. However, the most important question is what should you be wearing on each day?


Monday, Sept. 18 is going to be Twin Day. To accomplish this theme, pair up with a friend and decide what to dress up as. One idea would be to dress up as salt and pepper. This idea can go well for both girls and boys, and is very easy to put together. One friend should wear a white shirt ($3.96 at Walmart) and use a black sharpie to draw the letter ‘S’ across the front of the shirt. You can wear a grey hat or beanie (as long as the teacher is okay with it) and wear black leggings or pants. The other friend should wear a black shirt ($3.96 at Walmart) and use a silver sharpie to draw a letter ‘P’ across the front of the shirt. Again, wear a grey hat to represent the top of the shaker and black leggings or pants. And just like that, for a total of $7.92 for the both of you, you can accomplish an easy twin day outfit.

Tuesday, Sept. 19  is going to be Rock and Roll Day. This costume can be made up of clothings items you already have at home. For a shirt, a flannel that is either black or red over a white t-shirt or any band shirt would work. If  you do not have a flannel, you can purchase one for $8.00 at Walmart. Wear black jeans or leggings and black shoes; either combat boots or black high-top converse will make for a good choice. Lastly, you can wear a red or black bandana to complete the rock and roll look. A bandana is only $4.94 at Walmart, and black jeans cost around $12.00. In total, this outfit will cost at most $24.94.

Wednesday, Sept. 20 will be Sports day. This day will be a cheap and easy day for most students to accomplish. If you have a jersey, you are already set to be supporting homecoming spirit week. If not, they can be found at Walmart for around $15. You can also use black paint to emulate football player’s two lines across their cheeks, and even baseball caps (again, as long as it is ok with your teachers). All in all, this outfit should cost at most  $15 dollars.

Thursday, Sept. 21 will be Superhero day. To dress up as Superman, you should first buy a blue shirt with the Superman logo. This type of shirt can be found at Walmart for around $13.76. Next, you should wear a red cape, which is sold at Party City for $6.99. Top off the look with either black leggings or athletic shorts and shoes of your choice. Additionally, Superman socks with capes attached are sold at Party City for just $5.99. All in all, this costume should cost at most $26.74, but it can be adjusted depending on what you want to wear and what you already have.

The last day, Friday, Sept. 22 will be Rowdy Raider day. This is a day to go all out in school colors and spirit wear for NFHS. For a shirt, the school store sells some with prices ranging between $15 and $25. You can wear purple or black athletic shorts and some black, purple, and silver beads. The bead necklaces are sold at Party City for around $1 each. This day is really up to your imagination and is relative to how rowdy you want to dress up. All in all, this costume should cost at most $30.


Homecoming Spirit week is a great way to support the football team as they prepare to win against Woodstock on Friday. It is completely free to dress up for each day, but it is still important to abide by dress code rules. However, it is most important to have fun and be creative with each costume!