D.I.Y. Halloween Tips, Tricks, & Treats


Halloween’s spooky atmosphere calls on the dead for some representation. Visiting graveyards that are available to the public is a sure way to liven up your holiday!

Annually, Halloween falls on the same day of every year, repetitive and mundane; but the dull bore of answering doors does not have to be just endured any longer. There is a cornucopia of ways to spice your season and holiday with simple and intricate tricks that will keep you busy, uplifted, and on the move.

Visit A Haunted House

Local warehouses and companies open their doors late into September until the weekend post-Halloween, which means you have plenty of time to organize a day to visit their premises. The adventure is much more enjoyable with a gaggle of friends or a partner to share the time with, and if you are a scaredy-cat yourself, much more reassuring. Names you may already know include Hell’s Gates, Netherworld, and 13 Stories (Caution: Scary content). There are other sites and houses available, depending on your tastes, and plenty would love to have you visit as their guests for a night of haunting tales and exploration.

Create Your Own Costume

Nothing is more rewarding than those gracious compliments and looks you get when your outfit is outstanding, so why skip out on the easy opportunity to astonish others on the 31st? Halloween is a holiday of competition and amusement, so out-do yourself this year and impress your friends and neighbors with a costume you have created that reflects who you are—or are not! Even if you are not the crafty type, any costume is better than no costume at all, and the fact you put in the effort gives you both pride and bragging rights. If you are stuck or at a loss of costume ideas, the internet has an abundance of quick, cheap tutorials:

  • Teddy Face
  • Asylum Patient
  • Skeleton Face Paint
  • Monitor Head Guide Thrift stores may not have everything you are looking for, and it is understandable as to why you may not find the deal worth it. Grocery stores sell the second-cheapest variety of costumes and after that, Spirit Halloween and Party City have full costumes and accessories from the start of October to Halloween’s finish.  You may not be far from home on Halloween evening, but that does not mean you can’t season your surroundings. From toilet paper roll eye lights to yard ghosts, there are ideas galore to keep you busy and to keep the neighborhood kids entertained. Your friends can help as well, and if you are particularly favorable of the dark side, you can keep the creations to liven up your room—Halloween sales are always held a week or so after the 31st so if you need props, or want two pounds of Reese’s peanut butter cups, grocery stores will be your best friend during this time.
  • Your pets can be part of the action as well and many stores, both local and online, sell cute costumes for your critters. Is cute not exactly your thing? Terrorize your neighbors by constructing Fido an oversized spider costume, and let the dog roam by leash. This is only genius if your dog is friendly, so if your animals have troubles getting along with people, please keep them inside on Halloween. The children and your furry buddy will thank you.


  • Wrapping yourself up as a mummy is not a bad plan either, and while spider webs and ghost fabric is typically meant for outdoor use, there is nothing shameful about rocking the lawn prop look.
  • Still unsure about your costume? When in doubt, visit thrift stores. Shredding a dress you scored for four dollars is less heartbreaking than breaking budget for one shredded by someone else, and you can personalize the costume to your preferences.


  • Movies & SnacksVideo games are also sure to satisfy, just make sure you have enough controllers to service everyone. If you are feeling truly nostalgic, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network run the shows you have been watching since the early years a week in advance to Halloween–closer to seven or six p.m. Flip on the television and indulge in the marathons that play in dedication to the Holiday.
  • Alone or with others, movies can be a chill thrill. Put together a marathon of movies you have wanted to see since last October, or ask friends for their spooky suggestions. If you are at a complete loss, Netflix and Hulu can assist you, as well as this list . Of course, you are also going to need a snack stash as well, and if you can dress up, why can’t your food? Recipes for outfitting your desserts and treats can be found here, and if you can’t make them, just hand them over to the artsy cook in your life. However, if the amateur adventurer in you simply cannot restrain, there are simplerideas on these sites as well.
  • Corn Maze The legends say the veil between the living and the dead is thinner on Hallows Eve, so why not visit a graveyard and test the theory? Located in Atlanta Georgia, Oakland Cemetery is a beautiful and informational foundation which includes a Victorian garden cemetery, public park, botanical garden, wildlife habitat, and sculpture garden. The price for attendees ranges from five to ten dollars per person, which is cheaper than most haunted houses. On Halloween, their services run late, so you can explore the graveyards into the night and experience an evening among the dead. With guided tours, the escorts will tell the audience tales behind the deaths and lives of those buried in the lots; however, a self-guided tour is also available. Halloween should be a holiday of nightly celebration for teens, children, and adults alike. The spirit of the air thrives within us, and through this inspiration, creation may take place. Festivities and events center around this historical anniversary, and no longer will you have to suffer the dull question that arrives every Halloween, like an inevitable fate, “What shall we do this year?”
  • Also, the days leading up to Halloween sometimes have special events if you plan on visiting early, and the cemetery is open year-round. So if you enjoy your stay, you can always go back for more.

Oakland Cemetery

  • Corn mazes are always a go-to for the weeks leading up to Halloween. Gather a party of friends and your flashlights and explore the maze as the sun sets. This activity is not a frightening event, so it is okay to spend this day with your younger siblings, at the “scary” maze offered at Uncle Shuck’s. Uncle Shuck’s maze is rather mild, so there is no worry of emotionally scarring the children.