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AP US History Students of NFHS are in the Middle of Their Own Civil War

What exactly has been going on with the APUSH students and their clothespins? They’ve been running around, stressing out about lanyards and provisions and territories and spies, but what does it all mean? The answer is more interesting than you might think.

Sallie Kate Worley, Staff Writer

November 16, 2018

Since the week of Nov. 5, AP US History (APUSH) students have been involved in a Civil War simulation, pitting Combs’ students against Monte’s. Here is how the game works: The rivals identify each other by their red or black lanyards. A student with a red lanyard may challenge a student with a ...

The 2018 Fair is Here!

The 2018 Cumming Fair is just around the corner. With rides, food and games , it is one of the most awaited attractions in Forsyth County. Spanning 11 days, it gives students many opportunities to take a break from the stresses that come with school.

Kana Mullee, Staff Writer

October 3, 2018

It is that time of year again! The fair will be open Thursday, Oct. 4 through Sunday, Oct. 14. The fair’s hours of operation are: Monday – Thursday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Friday from 4 p.m. to midnight Saturday from 10 a.m. to midnight Sunday from 12:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.  ...

An Inside Look into the Life of a Student Athlete

Sophia Eglian is sporting her wrestling shirt. All of the athletes of North Forsyth work hard every day in and out of playing season to help our sports teams be the best in the county.

Abby Marks, Staff Writer

February 24, 2017

North Forsyth High School offers many different types of sports programs for students to partake in, just some of which include football, soccer, swimming, wrestling, cheerleading and more. Most spectators, however, only pay attention to the games or competitions that the athletes are in, and they do...

Pokemon Go: More Harmful Than Helpful

Pokemon Go is a free-to-play app that allows players to track and capture different Pokemon, ranging from very common species to ultra-rare ones. The app also has a feature where players can battle each other at gyms near their location.

Claire Canada, Staff Writer

October 14, 2016

The augmented reality game Pokemon Go has consumed everyone’s free time with the new idea of utilizing the players’ phone’s GPS to track, battle and capture Pokemon in the area. Pokemon Go, launched by Niantic in July 2016, quickly became one of the most played apps with over 500 million downloads....

USA Places Fourth at Paralympics

(From left to right) The “Mc-trio,” Amanda McGrory, Tatyana McFadden and Chelsea McClammer, won multiple medals for the women's 1500-meter T54. These athletes train and compete alongside one another (Photo from

JoAnn Ahn, News Editor

October 5, 2016

At the end of September, the 2016 Summer Paralympic Games winded down in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Over 160 countries participated in 528 medal events for 23 different sports- all competed by athletes with a large range of disabilities. Some disabilities include impaired muscle power, vision, range of...

Freshmen Volleyball Begins Season with High Hopes

The freshmen volleyball team supports each other at practice as they prepare for the West Forsyth game. They are confident in each other, and they have great enthusiasm about winning.

Kristin Iler, Sports Editor

September 19, 2016

So far, the 2016-2017 North Forsyth Freshmen volleyball team has won three games and lost eight, giving them a total of 11 games this season. The first game of the season was on Aug. 10, against Dacula and Peachtree Ridge, where the North Forsyth Raiders won both sets of games. The second game...

Fun at Central’s Football Field

Juan smiles for the camera at Special Olympics in April.

Lea DiMatteo, Art Editor

May 12, 2015

Sports fanatics around the world watch the Olympics religiously, and some strive to actually be in the Olympics someday, but some children do not have that same opportunity, so Forsyth County holds their annual spring Special Olympics. Forsyth County Special Olympics is held at the end of April every...

Baseball Season Tees Off

The Raiders had a tough season last year with two more losses than wins, but the Varsity squad has greatly improved this year. Baseball season is underway, and the Raiders are gearing up for a state playoff run in 2015.

Austin McIntosh, Staff Writer

March 3, 2015

Baseball season is underway, and the North Forsyth Raiders have begun their push for a deep playoff run in the 2015 season.  The next home game for Varsity will take place on Wednesday, February 25. Many games have been postponed lately due to the snow and ice, but all of the rescheduled dates can be...

From the Nuclear Gandhi to the Scottish Empire: How Gaming Can Spark Another Hobby

Watching the Mongols crush any opposition in Crusader Kings II has lead me into a long string of Google searches on the Mongol Empire.

Jack Scott, Staff Writer

April 30, 2014

The battle seemed inevitable; 21,000 enemy troops descended upon my capital city, defended by only 13,000 men, on three sides. The last bastion of my once-great empire seemed to be on the verge of collapse. The enemy forces built enormous ladders to scale the walls with. The opposition scaled the ladders...

Terrorism Threats in Sochi

The United States has offered intelligence support to Russia in preparation for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi

Sam Dobrotka, Staff Writer

January 27, 2014

The 2014 Winter Olympics are to be held in Sochi, a Russian city near the volatile Caucus region. On December 29 and 30, there were two suicide bombings in Volgograd, a Russian city 400 miles northeast of Sochi, killing over 40 people. These attacks raised fears of a terrorist attack on the Olympic Games themselves, as Islamic te...

The Game of the Devil

“I would like to play the Game of Kings.”

Jacob Blodgett, Staff Writer

November 18, 2013

The man sat at the table, alone except for the board game in front of him. He sat there for a while, staring at the board as if the people milling around him did not matter. He wore a hooded cloak, which covered most of his face, and all black shirt and pants. He could have been Death himself. I walked...

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