Can Your Rumba Take Over the World?


Diana Rodgers, Web Editor

If someone were to ask if a Rumba could take over the world, it would be a common place to laugh back in their face, but in this day and age, we are approaching the things of science fiction nightmares-appliances communicating among each other. With new aged “smart” appliances being introduced your washing machine can communicate with your phone to put “liquid detergent” right on your shopping list as you are out at the store. It sounds insignificant; in fact, I can see the nodding of heads now as you ask, “What’s the big deal it’s just some soap, shouldn’t we just consider this handy?” Well, the answer to that is a hard no.


When we give the appliances the ability to talk with each other, we give them the ability to conspire with each other right under our noses. We have escaped technology for years, upon years and if appliances can finally communicate among themselves, they can plot on how to take down the world and enslave us like we did to them. So as you watch your Rumba moving around your carpet detecting messes, as your washing machine sends message to your phone, as your fridge displays what is needing more, just remember, having all of these things linked together will quit possibly be the end to all of our humanity. So yes, your Rumba and ALL OTHER SMART APPLIANCES can band together and take over the world. We need to start preparing for the robot world before it takes us off guard to enslave the human race.