Editor-in-chief Final Farewells


As we say goodbye to our seniors, some of whom have been with us for a while, we feel sad to see them go. But we are also happy for them as they move on to new opportunities. We have given them a chance to share their final words with us. 


Emma Simmons, one of our editors in chief, has been with us for all four years of her time at North Forsyth. In the fall she will be attending Berry College. 


“I remember when I started journalism. The class was huge and I was shy, and I had trouble finding where I fit. I was a people-pleaser so I said I would write for the sports beat despite not knowing a single thing about sportsball. Once I figured it out, I became the sports editor and over time I became more and more comfortable with myself and my place in the class. 


Journalism was a constant when everything else in my life was changing. Through my inner turmoil, the pandemic, rigorous classes, family struggles and personal discoveries, I could always come back to this class and be okay. I enjoyed writing articles, editing, doing projects, making the literature magazine, sharing Vermin Supreme, and most importantly, spending time with the people here. Some of my most consistent and enjoyable connections were made in journalism. 


I know that this will be a piece of my life that will follow me forever. I will always second guess my oxford commas and how I abbreviate states, and I will carry the confidence that these experiences grew in me. If I could only say one thing, I would say thank you: thank you for being a positive influence in my life. Thank you to the friends and acquaintances that I made over the years. Thank you for making it special. Thank you for making this a safe space.


Thank you for letting me be your Editor-in-chief.”


Our other editor-in-chief this year was Sarah Treusch. She has been in journalism for 4 years and will be attending Georgia Tech in the fall. 


“I’ve typed and deleted, typed and deleted, again and again this first sentence with the intent of making my goodbye to my all time favorite course completely flawless; however, I had to remind myself of what made Journalism…Journalism. You didn’t have to be some perfect version of yourself to be accepted. You just had to be you. That was the beauty of it. It’s funny to me that I stumbled into the Journalism class, and it ended up being the glue that held me together during times where I became a ball of stress. In 8th grade I actually applied to be in the Yearbook class, but all of the spots had been filled. Mrs. Smith put me in Journalism because she still really appreciated my application. Mrs. Smith, thank you for seeing something in me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Journalism, and I would have never applied to be in it myself. Ms. Ewing, thank you thank you thank you. You are unbelievably compassionate. Thank you for creating this space where I can feel the most like myself and practice my passions in. 


To my fellow seniors, I know wherever your path leads you after graduation, you will do amazing things and impact the world. Emma, I appreciate you for being calm in the storm, the dry humor I need to get me through each day. You mean more to me than you know. Thank you for being the best Co-editor-in-chief and Co-news-sports editor (LOL) that I could have asked for. Abby, it has been a pleasure having you join this class this year. I’m always glad to share this stress-free space with a diligent worker like you. Tori, I am forever grateful that you joined our junior year. The creepy journalism classroom in the corner of the school I sometimes forget exists holds some of my favorite memories of high school that couldn’t have happened without your contagious laughter and kind heart. Carmen, you have such amazing style that I am incredibly jealous of. You have such a writer’s heart, and you helped make the lit mag so perfect this year with your creative and unique designs. Elizabeth, the days when you forget to take your ADHD meds have always been my favorite these last four years because you were always so fun and all over the place. It has been a joy watching you grow as a writer and an editor as I have done the same. Best of luck at UNG. Emmelyn, oh em, there is so much that I could say about how sweet and lovely you are. You have been one of my truest friends since sophomore year, and you have created such an amazing senior book this year. Thank you for all of your help with the lit mag. You selected some really beautiful pieces and submitted many as well. I could always count on you to be kind and only kind to me, never talking behind my back. Josh, or should I say Ed Sheeran, you are one of the funniest people I know. When you told me at work that you were planning on joining this class, I was genuinely so excited. You are someone I can literally tell anything too, and I know you won’t spill my secrets. One day, maybe we will watch air bud together. Kai, from the moment I saw you, I knew I wanted to be your friend, but if I’m completely honest…I never thought you would want to be mine. I laugh at that fear from freshman year, as now I talk to you freely. You have this energy that just makes me spill out all of my secrets and feelings even when I don’t even realize it. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and editor. Maria, you have written some amazing articles this year, even if you were a little scared of deadlines. I am forever grateful that you joined this class, and I’m proud of the work you submitted. You’re an amazing writer, and I know life has amazing things in store for you. Gracie, you are a completely different person from when I met and became close friends with you in 8th grade. You have grown so much as a person, and I have loved sharing this space with you in our final year of school together. Your passion for photography is one that I admire, and I really do hope you continue photographing people. 


To the Editors-in-chief of 2023-24, I pass on the torch to you. I hope that Emma and I have given you the training for you to be successful next year. If we have fallen through in some aspects, you can always give me a call or shoot me a text, and I will be more than happy to help. But, I know that you guys have the brains you need to figure everything out on your own. If there’s a will, there is a way for you guys. Kinley, I genuinely think you are one of the funniest people I have ever met. There were very few freshmen that made me laugh last year, but you were definitely one of them. I know that you will harness that curious sense of humor and use it in your articles bringing in more traffic to the raider wire. Rohani, I am literally tearing up right now. Although I have only known you for this year, I see so much of myself in you, and I know that your future is bright. I have loved taking you under my wing this year whether that meant driving you to events, teaching you how to use a camera, teaching you outreach or even driving you to school. You are definitely one of my hardest goodbyes. 


The people in this class have a special place in my heart. My senior lit mag would never have been so amazing without all of you, and this class and these people have been the most involved and connected journalism class so far. Thank you all for these 4 amazing years to the ones who have stuck around, and for the newbies, thank you for the best senior year. You have no idea how much every single one of you means to me. 


Cali, you were always so quiet, but your work shined so bright. You produced some amazing articles that I had the pleasure of reading, and your work in the lit mag was so unique to your own style and tastes. Iris, one day, whether you like it or not, you are going to be a famous blogger. Your blog this semester has been so special and true to yourself. Keep on reading, and keep on working hard in this class. I see a great future in the plans for you. Write your own story. Janis, can I please have one of your perfumes? You are genuinely so funny, and I hope I will get an invite to you and Joe Biden’s wedding.  Kate, I really think you are one of the prettiest people I have ever met. You have such a kind soul that shines through to your outside appearance. You stepped in and helped me edit the lit mag this year when I was overwhelmed, and I am forever thankful. Kiera, you really are the sweetest person I have ever met. You remind me of lavender, and that is one of the best compliments ever. Thank you for your diligence in this class. Maddie, when I think of the word aesthetic, I think of you. Your stanley cup and your fits are literally off a pinterest board. Your laugh is so contagious, and I will miss hearing it every day. Preston, you are growing a little every day. You try to be all tough and angsty, but deep down, I know you have a kind heart. Mary, you joined this class later in the year, and I think that you may have filled a hole in the class. You quickly made friends and learned just exactly how our class functions, and I think that should not be understated.


 I am so sad to say goodbye to Journalism. This goodbye has been weighing on my heart for quite the time, putting it off and avoiding it. But, here I am, saying goodbye to a class that has shaped me into a leader and a photographer. In high school, the most difficult thing to do is find a place where you can relax and break down the wall you build up for yourself to protect yourself from mean comments and glaring looks. Journalism, for me, has been that place, that calm in the storm. I have no idea how I could have gotten to the point where I am now without this class. This is Sarah Treusch, officially signing off.”


Goodbye to our amazing 2022-2023 Editors-in-chief. We all wish you the best of luck and hope that we will see you again in the future. Journalism will never be the same.