Officer Hit by Truck While Directing Traffic


This photo is from the donation website on Officer Hodgkins behalf. He is standing with a group of students in costumes. Officer Hodgkins was hit by a truck while directing traffic on Monday, October 27 in front of Coal Mountain Elementary School.

Rhiannon Martin, Staff Writer

On the morning of Monday, October 27 Anthony Hodgkins, the NFHS school resource officer, was struck by a truck as he was directing traffic in front of Coal Mountain Elementary School. The early morning traffic was hectic, but thanks to the wonderful faculty of the high school, the morning and the traffic both continued as usual in a bearable pace.

Officer Hodgkins, or Mr. Incredible (as the students call him), left the accident with only a broken jaw. After having surgery to repair his jaw, he was released and is now at home resting. Many of his fellow officers are donating money and food to his family in their time of need.

Those interested in donating should contact Mrs. Haynes at the counseling office via email at [email protected]. Also, there is an online fundraiser on his behalf at