Holocaust Survivor Henry Freidman Shares His Experiences


Jade Flack, Staff Writer

Henry Friedman, a 91 year old Holocaust survivor, spoke to North Forsyth Freshmen on October 8. Mrs. Transue reached Mr. Friedman through the Breman Museum for North Forsyth’s 2nd year with having a Holocaust survivor speak. The Breman Museum is a Museum dedicated to Jewish history, specifically the Holocaust. Mr. Friedman relayed many interesting stories about hiding under beds and being thrown over a fence, capturing the attention of many Freshmen. At the end of the presentation, students were given the opportunity to ask Mr. Friedman questions about his experiences. This event benefitted the program by bringing the holocaust idea to life and provided answers that couldn’t be offered by any teacher. The Freshman had already been reading multiple articles and books over the Holocaust.  “This event really helped to bring our unit full circle,” said Mrs. Transue, the 9th grade literature teacher who organized the entire event. The museum provides a local survivor that is available to speak to schools or groups and offers the school their contact information. Mr. Friedman will be speaking again in January 2015 at the Breman Museum located in Atlanta.