Four Promising Book-to-Movie Adaptations Screening in 2015


Freshman Mary Kate Schwaemmle reads Paper Towns in preparation for the movie.

Morgan Champion, Staff Writer

With all of the amazing book-to-movie adaptations the entertainment world offered to bookworms in 2014, one can’t help but daydream about their plans for 2015, and considering the box office success of previous films such as Divergent, The Fault in our Stars, The Hunger Games Trilogy, The Maze Runner, If I Stay, and many others, even the most hard-core fans will not be disappointed in what directors have in store for the coming months.

A thrilling addition to the Divergent series, Insurgent is an action-packed adventure that takes fans through the ultimate roller coaster that is the life of Tris Prior, a rebellious Divergent, after Erudite’s failed attack on Abnegation. Dauntless has been split between two factions, and the remaining Abnegation find a temporary home in Amity, a somewhat peaceful environment within a city of conflict. Join Tris Prior, Tobias Eaton, Caleb Prior, and many others on a mission to stop Erudite and discover the truth behind why the factions are beginning to fall.

Once again, young adult author John Green has taken the world and movie producers by storm. Paper Towns is a hilarious, accurate portrayal of teen life, at least until Margo Roth Spingleman and her seven problems come into play. Quentin, an average not-a-band-kid, assists Margo with her biggest revenge plot ever, but after a glorious night of raw catfish, grocery lists, and breaking into SeaWorld, she goes missing, sending Quentin on an epic adventure of mystery, all before his high school graduation.

The Hunger Games Trilogy has been a hit from day one, so, naturally, viewers would be pretty excited to hear about the epic finale to the series: Mockingjay Part Two. As the story comes to a conclusion, fans are expecting a faithful adaptation to the book, as well as some romance to brew between Katniss and Peeta, as they grow older and realize their true fate. Katniss, a beloved heroine amongst fans, will learn to step out of the past and into the future of Panem, and though there will be sacrifices, everything will seemingly work itself out, ending the series.

With the astonishing success of The Maze Runner in 2014, it was only natural for the directors, producers, and entire crew of the film to reunite and make a sequel. The Scorch Trails is a highly anticipated film among young fans; everyone is waiting for the moment when Thomas, Newt, Teresa, Janson, Minho jump back into action. This time not in the maze, but in a world destroyed by illness.

2015’s book-to-movie adaptations are globally anticipated, and their box office success is sure to be through the roof, with Insurgent hitting theaters in March, Paper Towns over the summer, The Scorch Trials in September, and Mockingjay Part Two wrapping things up in November. Everyone is buzzing about the amazing things the entertainment world has to offer in 2015.