“Unbroken” Review


(Screenshot from YouTube). A young Louis Zamperini sprints through the finish line at the Olympics.

Jack Dalmolin, Staff Writer

Unbroken is an uplifting, family-friendly movie with an enthralling storyline and an even more inspiring message. Unbroken, which hit the theaters on Christmas day, had the potential to add to the holiday spirit for millions of families across America – and it did just that, becoming the third biggest Christmas-day release ever. Angelina Jolie directed a jaw dropping movie, bringing the incredible life story of Louis “Louie” Zamperini to the big screen.

Louie Zamperini was born in New York, but he spent most of his childhood growing up in California. His Italian family spoke no English when he moved to California, and he was the victim of many school bullies. To keep him out of trouble, his brother, Pete, convinced him to join the high school track team. Louie and his family soon discovered he had a special skill. When Louie was 19 years old, he accepted a scholarship to run at the University of Southern California and competed in the Olympics in Berlin.

Everything changed for Louie when he joined the war. While on a rescue mission for a fallen plane, Louie’s B-24 crashed into the Pacific Ocean due to mechanical difficulties. After floating adrift for 47 days and salvaging rain water and fish to survive, the Japanese military picks up Louie and the only other surviving crew mate. Louie endures multiple prisoner of war camps, being pushed to the verge of his breaking point almost every day. The will to live becomes a prominent theme in the movie, and the multiple tortures and disasters Louie survives makes viewers question if they would have that determination and perseverance if they had to look death in the eyes.

Although Unbroken received mixed reviews from the critics, it is definitely a must-see movie. Incredible acting, beautiful scenery, and intense life-or-death scenes combine to create a well deserved tribute to the extraordinary life of Louis Zamperini.