Construction Q&A


Ethan Simmons

For some students, the inconvenience has already started. The school has had to put temporary classrooms in the “A” lot, displacing the students who normally park there, this is just a necessary evil of the building process.

Ethan Simmons, Staff Writer

North Forsyth was founded in 1994, and since then has seen thousands of students walk its halls. Now, more than 20 years later, it is severely overcrowded and a tad outdated. In wake of this, a plan for a massive face lift has been devised. Starting the summer after of the 2014-2015 school year, crews will begin on several new facilities: a new gym, healthcare lab, band room, new cafeteria, and 14 new class rooms, as well as, expanding main hallways to allow for more students to move.

The biggest changes will occur in the front of the school, what is now the cafeteria will be turned into both a new band room, as well as a new lab for the rapidly growing health care program, as well as new classrooms, a new front office and a larger cafeteria. The new design will allow for a more modern open feel, seen in some of the larger schools closer to Atlanta, this will give students a place to go and do large activities as a group.

There will also be activity behind the school as a new gym is being built. The new facility will allow more occupants, meaning we can have one pep-rally instead of two and will accommodate adjustments to the court size to meet sporting regulations.

This, of course, is causing massive logistical challenges; the administrators have to conduct both students and build crews all at the same time. To help run things smoother, the crew in charge of the build was handpicked by the administration. Even so, this is going to be a large inconvenience and will take cooperation from the students to make sure things run smoothly.

Yet another challenge is the fact that North is getting new administrators next year. Jeff Cheney is going to take over as principle of North Forsyth. This means the construction project will have to switch hands after it is well underway. Mr. Cheney also has a lot on his plate with a similar project at South Forsyth High.

The whole process is projected to take two and a half years, when it is completed North will be bigger and better than ever. This inconvenience now will allow North to better educate more students for years to come.

“I have always thought there were no limits to what we can do here, and North has done amazing things, but a new 21st century facility will allow for students to learn in new and different ways” said Dr. Hebert.