The Netflix of the Comic World


Brandon Moss

Countless shelves are now available in the palm of your hand. Insert yourself in the colorful, grim, adventurous, and even literary excellent world of comics.

Brandon Moss, Web Editor

As a newcomer to the comic world, I have found entering the vast universe of countless entries, series, and reboots overwhelming and difficult. Thankfully, there was a wonderful chance that presented itself to me through an ad: Marvel Unlimited. The app is for most platforms, including iDevices, Android phones, and even computers, and provides absolutely anybody with the ability to read countless Marvel comics for 10 dollars a month. I was able to use the code STARWARS—as a celebration of 500 Star Wars comics being added to the already massive assortment of 1500 Marvel classics and new entries—to receive a free month trial (available until the 5th of May). I’ve already started and completed issues such as the Civil War series, Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, and even Moon Knight. I haven’t yet heard of a Marvel comic that I haven’t been able to find in the app. The one downside to the monthly plan is that if you want to read your comics somewhere without wifi, you are only able to download 12 comics at a time for offline use—however; that is most likely more than enough material for a trip on a plane or a lengthy car ride. I highly recommend at least trying out this wonderful app whether you have never read a comic, loved the Marvel movies, or just want to revisit some amazing pieces of media.