Time May Be an Illusion


Julie Day, Staff Writer

There is a beginning and an end to everything; the creation and the destruction. This principle applies to everything: except time. Anyone can form an idea, and that is how time began. Someone thought it into existence; it did not come with the earth. Even when the world we live on has eroded away into the vast galaxy, the idea of time would continue to flow. Because it is an idea, it will always be an idea; it is a possible outcome and will always be such.

Time is a man-made concept; therefore, time is infinite. With each tick of the second hand on a clock, time is measuring the instance of where the sun is relative to the night and day cycle. Time is not a force of nature like gravity; it is an idea that measures the earth’s rotations. Daylight depends on where the earth is in its cycle, and time predicts its proximity. The idea is a continuous loop of measurement, so why do people insist they have no time.

All people do is live and die. That is their beginning and end. Just because people die, does time stop? Many misconceptions flow with the idea that time stops for each person when they die, but time, because it is used to count days, just leaves a number behind for how long that person was alive. Time never stops because it is a concept, a hypothesis that cannot be proven. Sixty seconds make a minute, sixty minutes make an hour, and twenty-four hours make a day. Days make years, years make decades, and so on. Time can be used to measure one’s life, but it can never stop.

Regardless of the use for time, time is just a concept and cannot actually exist the way humans perceive it. If it did indeed begin with the creation of earth, then when will it end? Time cannot “end” because of its nature; therefore, because all existing things have a start and finish, time can only be a mere idea. Without an end, something remains unfinished, or immortal. Everything naturally comes to an end, and time should be no exception if it exists. However, time is just an idea, and that idea will remain a possibility forever. No one can prove the existence of time, like they can gravity, and no one can even confirm the idea’s accuracy.

Time is an idea that has shaped society, because it makes the world think and act orderly. It also allows deadlines, and pressures to play a major role in the everyday lives of people around the world. But nothing certifies its existence; night and day exist, and the sun and moon, but what proves time’s existence? Some claim people age because of time, but that is false. Like a rock, humans erode with everything they do and that is done to them. From cigarettes to stress, humans degenerate. It has nothing to do with time. Others may say that clocks prove the existence of time, but this too is a fallacy. Clocks are vessels that remain at a constant pace, like a metronome, and portray what may be the instance of where the sun is in the sky.

The year is 2015, and eventually everyone will die. The good news is time will never stop measuring days, even if the sun explodes. The measurement of that cycle is just a figment of our imaginations, thought of by someone wanting to bring order and system to society. Because time is an idea, it can/will never stop. How can something that does not exist stop, anyway?