North Forsyth Microsoft Acheivements


The students in Dr. LeShea’s class still type away as they congratulate themselves on their achievements. Some even stand to thank their teacher for the wonderful knowledge they have required.

Tiffany Lovell, Staff Writer

Congratulate this year’s students that have received the last certificate of the Microsoft Certification. An exact amount of one-hundred and twenty students achieved their certificate this year thanks to their marvelous teacher Dr. LeShea. These certificates state that the students whom attended the business and technology course now have acquired great attributes that will help them prosper in the future jobs that they will soon have. Also, to top it all off, they gained a one hour college credit for each exam they passed. The students are listed below:

Microsoft Office Excel 2010

Adriana Domingo

Aiden DeBruyen

Alexis Sundin

Caitlyn McElroy

Cory Jackson

Cristian Arriaga

Diego Perez

Drew Carpenter

Dylan “Punky” Bruce

Grant Tracy

Jackson Gray Tracy

Jacob Bell

Jomara Smith

Jordan Harper

Kaitlin Hailey

Katie Rogers

Kellen Burklin

Lauren Murphy

Luke Denman

Mario Freye

Melissa Rulis

Mersadi Puskus

Michael Diesing

Nathan Shinkle

Nayer Nawar

Noah Madden

Rachel Sullivan

Robert Story

Ryan Gardner

Seth Collett

Shawn Chastain

Sydney Miller

Tanner Swords

Taylor Childers

Zachary Garrigan

Micorsoft Office Word 2010

Michael Johnson

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Ben Cochran

Pete Kirby

Mario Freyre

Melissa Rulis

Shawn Chastain

Zachary Garrigan

Microsoft Office Outlook 2010

Cameron Wright


Ever wanted to know which programs you should be intoned with? Well College Works created a list perfect for any student wanting to excel in the art of computer. Here is a list of the five main computer programs that a successful student should be intoned with:


  1. Excel
  2. Powerpoint
  3. Adobe Creative Suite
  4. FinalCut Pro
  5. Word Press The link is listed here for further information.