What’s the Big Deal About “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”?

What would you do if you wrote letters to all the boys you have ever loved...and they were sent? Photo by Korhz Galia.

What would you do if you wrote letters to all the boys you have ever loved…and they were sent? Photo by Korhz Galia.

Quillen McKinney, Staff Writer

There are few things in the world that truly unite people. Thanksgiving, puppies and Netflix original movies, such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” are a few examples. This movie phenomenon, a flawless example of a teenage romcom, has been a smashing box office hit.

The movie, based off the book written by Jenny Han, tells the story of Lara Jean Covey, a highschool girl who has an obsession with fictional romance and flying under the radar. She writes letters to all the boys she has ever loved, five in all, and in them she pours out her heart and says things she would never say in real life. She keeps these letters tucked away in a hatbox her mother gave her where no one will ever find them. Until one day, when her letters are secretly mailed to all of the boys and Lara Jean’s life forever changes.


The movie goes on to show the fake relationship she develops with Peter Kavinsky the lacrosse playing heartthrob, that is also the most popular boy in school. The plan behind this facade they construct is that Lara Jean will be able to get over her crush, her sister’s ex boyfriend, and Peter will be able to make his ex jealous. Perfect plan, right? Of course, you know that Lara Jean and Peter will fall in love, but what makes this movie so endearing and sweet is the way the movie is executed. From bonding over absent parents, to teaching each other about snack foods, Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship is wholesome, pure, and inspiring. Holland Trask, Junior at North Forsyth High School says that she loves the movie because it gives her hope in finding “a respectful guy.” And, Peter is in fact, incredibly respectful throughout the entirety of the movie. Although Lara Jean is the lovable star, Peter is who stole viewers hearts, and not just females. “He’s just a very lovable character,” said Senior Collin Chamberlain, “everyone can relate to him because he’s a good guy who’s respectful, sarcastic, and funny…he’s got it all.”


Peter does have it all, and after the tension, drama, and confusion that accompanies his and Lara Jean’s “fake” relationship… he even gets the girl.


10 Reasons Why Peter Kavinsky is the Perfect Boyfriend

  1. The way he spins Lara Jean in the cafeteria


The all time favorite expression of “your mine” used to be a hand hold, but this new “come to me” pocket spin takes the cake. And, done confidently in front of the whole school…oh yes, definitely a memorable moment. Peter Kavinsky we already love you.


  1. He calls Lara Jean “Covey”


The suave and subtle way he addressed Lara Jean by her last name in conversation, paired with his smirk is more than any sane person can take. Nicknames are adorable, but this jock version is far better than “babe.” It is perfect.


  1. He respects Lara Jean


She adds “no kissing” on their contract when they decide to begin their “fake” relationship and does he gripe and complain and tell her “no?” Absolutely not. He agrees. What a man.


  1. He moves the popcorn bowl


In the midst of a pillow fight with Lara Jean’s little sister Kitty, Peter sees the popcorn bowl that could easily be hit and overturned and he moves it. He pays attention to the details. He is considerate. He doesn’t make messes. Once again, what a man!


  1. He writes Lara Jean a note (every. single. day.)


The majority of us cannot even get a text back, yet here Peter is giving Lara Jean a handwritten note every single day. They are all sweet and simple and perfectly romantic, and we all want one.


  1. He goes the distance


He drives all the way across town to get Lara Jean her favorite yogurt. Need I say more?


  1. He stood up for Lara Jean


When the video that damages Lara Jean’s reputation goes viral what does he do? Does he laugh? Does he act like it never happened? Oh no, he stops in the middle of the hallway and yells at the top of his lungs the truth that Lara Jean did nothing wrong. He defends her boldly. A knight in shining armor for sure.


  1. He wears her scrunchie

A guy confident enough to wear a floral scrunchie on his wrist so his girl will not lose it? Sounds like a winner.


  1. His smile

Peter’s dimpled smile is the perfect mix between a bad boy smirk and a nice guy’s grim…flawless.


  1. He is vulnerable

Peter is not afraid to be open with Lara Jean and let her know how he feels. That is worth more than anything.