You Will Fall in Love With These Top Three Valentine’s Day Traditions


Valentine’s Day is full of love and appreciation for those you care about. How will you be spending the day?

Bella Angell, Editor-in-Chief

Ah, Valentine’s Day – a day filled with love and happiness. On Feb. 14, the hallways of North Forsyth High School (and most likely every other school) will be bustling with students carrying roses, chocolates, stuffed animals, jewelry and similar gifts. There are many different ways to spend Valentine’s Day, so what are common traditions for the holiday?

  1. Gifts

There are many gifts that can be given, such as the ones I listed above. They could be homemade (a.k.a. “from the heart”) or store-bought. At this time every year, Russell Stover and Ghirardelli chocolates line the shelves of stores; teddy bears and random animals hug hearts as they droop to the side; red roses and flowers are on display at the checkout counters; necklaces and bracelets glisten beneath glass shelves. This tradition is not limited to boys giving gifts to girls or vice versa – friends often exchange gifts on this special holiday. A gift should be special and mean something to the recipient.

  1. Dates

Many restaurants offer specials on Valentine’s Day. For example, some businesses offer discounts or Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, while others, such as Dunkin Donuts and Papa Johns, offer heart-shaped foods. This means that Valentine’s dates do not always have to take place at a fancy restaurant (so people do not have to feel the automatic pressure of paying for an expensive date); it can be the couple’s favorite fast-food so that they can stay home and watch movies.

  1. Valentine Cards

Who remembers the little decorated shoe boxes from elementary school? This tradition has continued for many years. Kids get so excited putting cards in each other’s boxes and then get even more excited opening their own boxes to see what cards and candies they got. Ah, those were the days. Honestly, why should we not bring them to life in high school? We could all share Valentine’s Day memes and Vine-reference cards. That would be cool too…

Everyone has their own traditions for Valentine’s Day. The most common traditions for the holiday include giving gifts, going on dates, and giving Valentine cards. Many students may spend the day with a special someone or hang out with their friends at their favorite restaurant. What are your plans for this holiday?

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