Valentine’s Day Around the World

Feb. 14, otherwise known as the day of love, is celebrated across the globe. Each country has a very unique way of celebrating this special day. (Photo Credit:

Kenya Espinoza, Staff Writer

February, the month where love and cupid fly around carelessly. In the United States, the day of love is celebrated on Feb. 14 and is many times celebrated by showering significant others in gifts. This fact, however, changes in different countries. Every country that celebrates this special day;has a unique way of celebrating it.

In Denmark, they have a tradition, much like the United States, of gifting their significant other or friends flowers. The main difference is that, instead of having roses as their preference in flower, many of them gift a flower called snowdrop, a small flower that hangs off of its stalk much like a drop. Another tradition they have is that on this day, it is custom for men to secretly give someone they like a joking letter. Inside this letter they will usually write a funny poem and then they will sign the letter with a random variation of dots. The letter will then be secretly delivered, and the receiver will have to guess who the mystery sender is.

France, the famous country of love, also has some unique traditions. One of their most popular traditions, which is also seen in the United States, are Valentine’s Day cards. It is said that this tradition began in France by Charles the Duke of Orleans. Many believe that he sent love letters to his wife while he was in prison in 1415. A unique tradition done on Valentine’s Day is something they call “drawing for love.” The tradition requires for two houses, opposite of each other, to be filled with people. Once the houses are filled, guests are required to call out to people they are interested  in the opposite house. This is done until each person is paired with someone else. However, if a man does not like their pair, they can leave them and look for someone else. At the end of the night, all of the women who were left pairless make a bonfire and burn pictures of the men that left them.

The Valentine’s Day tradition is very unique in South Korea. Instead of having this celebration once a year, they celebrate it from February up until April. The celebrations begin on Feb. 14, and on this day, women are accustomed to spoil their significant other with chocolates and flowers. However, this changes on March 14, when it is the men’s turn to gift their significant other flowers, chocolates, and a gift. This day isnt known as Valentine’s Day, but as White Day. The last celebration is on April 14, which is celebrated by those who have lost their loved ones or are single. This day is known as Black Day, and it is customary to “celebrate” by eating black bean- paste noodles.

Italy is well-known for celebrating Valentine’s Day as a spring festival. On this day, most couples will gather around gardens and listen to poetry readings, and after this, they go on a walk around the gardens. One tradition that was done is that women would wake up very early on Valentine’s Day to look out the window – it was said that the first man she saw would be the man she married within a year.

South Africa has many of the same traditions that most countries have. These traditions include spoiling their significant other with chocolate, flowers and presents. One interesting tradition they have is that on Feb. 14, most women will write the name of their love interest and place it on the sleeve of their top. This way men could potentially know who their admirer is.

The day of love is celebrated in very different ways around the world. Many times it is celebrated by gifting significant others with flowers and chocolate. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?