How to be a VSCO Girl


Daphni Torres

VSCO Girls have taken the internet by storm with their cheesy phrases and unique style.

Daphni Torres, News Editor

VSCO is an app where people can post photos and showcase their creative side through the art of photography. Here are some of the few steps to follow in order to fully embrace the VSCO girl aesthetic. 

Step 1: Scrunchies 

Scrunchies are a key essential to becoming a true VSCO girl. Scrunchies are basically just fancy hair ties girls often put around their wrists to wear as bracelets. Of course, you could wear them as actual hair ties, but that’s a lot less noticeable. It’s best that everyone sees your multi-colored scrunchies you bought at Urban Outfitters that were probably overpriced. 

Step 2: Buy an Expensive Hydroflask

A Hydroflask is a water bottle that keeps your drink cold. Make sure to stay hydrated! You want to keep your body healthy and your skin clear. Never use plastic water bottles! It’s absolutely forbidden for you to purchase anything made of plastic, especially straws. Make it a priority to purchase reusable straws. (Read about how plastic straws are damaging our environment and the living creatures in it along with it.) 

Step 3: Jewelry 

Obviously, wearing scrunchies as bracelets are essential pieces of jewelry for any aspiring VCSO girl, but there are other pieces of jewelry that go hand-in-hand. Friendship bracelets, for example, can be fun to make with your friends and are cute accessories. Excessive amounts of bracelets is the pinnacle of a VSCO girl. Making complex bracelets from thin string can be hard for some, so buying them off of Etsy and saying you made them is perfectly fine; half of the VSCO community does it anyways! Along with bracelets, puka shell necklaces are ideal: you want everyone to know that you’ve traveled to the beach and have gotten a nice tan too. Ankle bracelets and silver rings are necessary too, otherwise your hands will look bare and boring. 

Step 4: Wear oversized t-shirts and Birkenstocks

The trick when it comes to fashion is to look like you just rolled out of bed, but also put an excessive amount of time getting ready. Wear oversized t-shirts and short shorts that cover your bottom half. Birkenstock sandals often go well with your oversized-tee look. Despite Birkenstock shoes costing over 100 dollars, you must be invested in order to achieve the perfect look with your outfit, even if it means spending hundreds of dollars for items that cost less as Walmart. 

Step 6: Unnecessary amounts of stickers

Buying stickers on Redbubble or packs of hundred on amazon is a cute way to decorate everything you own. From your laptop to your Hydro Flask, it is perfectly acceptable to stick on at least 10 stickers to express your creativity. 

Step Seven: Constantly repeat obnoxious phrases

These VSCO girls don’t necessarily communicate like normal people. Instead, to display their expressions, they will verbally say, “sksksksksks” or “and I oop” to show if they’re surprised or angry. It’s confusing at first, but soon you’ll be able to blend in with the rest and understand their language.  

If you follow all of these steps correctly, you will have no problem fitting in with these VSCO girls! Make sure to take this seriously as becoming a VSCO girl is a major transition. This will forever be apart of your identity so have as much fun as you can!