New Hallmark Christmas Movie: A Snowy Christmas!

The Hallmark Channel released its new Christmas original, “A Snowy Christmas!” which can be found on Wisney -, Netmix, Julu and various other streaming networks. The captivating film stars Janey Webber and Keighan Michaels. Never heard of them? Oh well. Webber, a Reese Witherspoon look-alike, plays the role of Hailey Smith while her love interest, Keighan Michaels, plays Rocky Johnson. 


Hailey Smith, a blonde baker with a very open love for small towns, meets a big shot businessman who goes by the name of Rocky. Rocky’s non-gender-specific parent recently passed away, striking a need of Rocky’s help from his other non-gender-specific parent for Christmas, so Rocky did what any good child would do — he got on a flight to the nameless small town where he grew up. Hailey and Rocky meet and fall in love. 


Given the movie’s title, maker of the movie, and the two main characters, some NFHS students were able to guess this movie’s, “A Snowy Christmas!,” story line. Freshman Sarah Hickman guessed that “Rocky and Hailey met in a grocery store” and “fell in love.” According to Sarah Hickman, Rocky was probably recently divorced and went back to his hometown, and Hailey had either “short blonde or brown hair” and probably worked as an indie band singer.


Lilly Marker had a similar opinion. She suggested that the two main characters, Hailey Smith and Rocky Johnson, met at “some christmas store” and “fell in love.” Freshman Lilly Marker described Hailey as having “blonde hair” and had some “bizarre job” like working at the local radio station. They also most likely met in the typical scene for a Hallmark movie, in a small town.


Both Sarah Hickman’s and Lilly Marker’s responses were extremely similar, almost too similar. Hallmark movies are infamous for sharing very similar plotlines. Freshman Angela Agbi-Owusu loves Hallmark movies and watches “10 hallmark movies in the holiday season,” but sadly enough she agrees that they all share the same “key components.” “A Snowy Christmas!” starring the fake Reese Witherspoon and random businessman just might be the first exception. Actually, probably not.


Looking for a very basic Christmas movie that has probably been done before? Go see “A Snowy Christmas!” on Dec. 45 this winter. It is sure to disappoint people looking for something new.