Remembering Chadwick Boseman

Fans and family of Chadwick Boseman are honoring and remembering him after he passed away on Aug. 28. Photo from CNN.

Fans and family of Chadwick Boseman are honoring and remembering him after he passed away on Aug. 28. Photo from CNN.

Chadwick Boseman, age 43, passed away on Aug. 28 from Stage Four Colon Cancer. With the shock of the news from his family on Boseman’s social media accounts, people around the nation are honoring him and the legacy that he leaves behind. 

Boseman started acting in 2003; his first role being in the soap opera “All My Children.” After his role in the soap opera, Chadwick found a love for acting and would have minor roles in tv shows such as “Castle, ER, and Law and Order.” In 2013, Boseman would have his first major role as Jackie Robinson in the movie “42.” 

After starring in “42,” Boseman’s career boomed. He would star in multiple historical movies, the most notable being “Get On Up” and “Marshall” where he played James Brown and Thurgood Marshall. In 2018, Boseman would land the role of King T’Challa in Marvel’s movie “Black Panther.” 

During his boost in his acting career, Boseman would be diagnosed with Colon Cancer in 2016; however, he did not let that diagnosis stop him. During one of his most notable films, “Black Panther,” Boseman silently battled his illness with Colon Cancer. He focused more time on his career and on helping others. 


According to CNN, Boseman would visit children, who have been diagnosed with cancer, in hospitals while he was fighting cancer himself. During an interview, Boseman would talk about the patients that he would go see. In one case, he told a story about two boys that had passed away, who were awaiting the release of “Black Panther” (CNN). During the interview, Boseman got emotional telling the story, showing his humility and love for other people. 

In lieu of the death of Boseman, there has been an increase in awareness for Colon Cancer. According to the Washington Post, many individuals did not know the risks of Colon Cancer, especially for younger people. With the shock of his death, many people have increased their awareness of the risks and problems associated with Colon Cancer. 

Boseman was an actor and person that was loved by many people. He would leave a legacy for both the black community and the Marvel universe. Fans around the world are honoring and remembering him; some children and teens have had mock funerals and multiple movie marathons of Boseman’s movies in honor of him.