NFHS’ Prom Committee Releases the 2021 Prom Theme “Lumières de Paris”


The NFHS prom theme is “Lumières de Paris,” which translates to “Lights of Paris.” Photo from Emerson Earley.

As the countdown for the last few months of the 2020-2021 school year begins, many individuals are anticipating the long-awaited activities that come in the spring. One event that is on the horizon is the 2021 prom and its prom theme. On March 1, NFHS’ Prom Committee announced this year’s prom theme “Lumières de Paris.” This year’s prom will be held in the Raider Arena on April 24 from 7:30 p.m to 10:30 p.m. With this announcement, many students are wondering what to expect during this year’s prom as well as what the theme is all about. So, what exactly will prom look like this year, and what can the students expect to see? 


“Lumières de Paris” in English means “Lights of Paris,” in which students can expect to feel like they’re spending a night in Paris, France. Senior Emerson Earley states that students “can expect to see a super grand Eiffel Tower when they walk into the Raider Arena” as well as entering under a grandiose canopy. As they walk into the main portion of the Arena, students will see “tables with beautiful flowers, a lot of greenery, a dance floor, cafe light overhead and a Paris themed photo booth.”


In addition to the theme, many may be wondering how prom will look like given the COVID-19 circumstances as well as how tickets will be handled this year. Earley expresses that the prom committee is still discussing the plans for social distancing and student safety at the event; she explains that “prom is still tentative, but they are proceeding as normal.” In regards to the tickets, Earley explains that they are “still discussing ticket prices, but they will be on sale at the end of March.” 


With excitement and buzz from the release of the prom theme “Lumières de Paris,” many students at North Forsyth are excited for the anticipated event. 


Earley expresses that “I am most excited to be able to have a great night with my friends. Many schools are not able to have a prom again, so I feel so grateful that we are able to have it. It’s not as normal as other years, but COVID taught me to be grateful for any opportunity given, so I am super excited.” 


Senior Ansley Miller explains that she’s “super excited to see all the decorations and the theme of this year’s prom. And, of course, getting to see everyone’s dresses.” 


With prom coming quickly around the corner, there are many more events coming up to wrap the end of the 2020-2021 school year up, including Student Council’s Prom Fashion Show “Night on the Red Carpet” on March 18 and 19.  With three more months left of the 2020-2021 school year, students can anticipate a lively spring season.