BSU’s Three-On-Three Basketball Tournament


The Black Student Union hosted a three-on-three basketball tournament on Wednesday, March 16. The tournament occurred during Raider Time and Wellness. Photo by acpsk12.

On Wednesday, March 16, the Black Student Union (BSU) hosted a three-on-three basketball tournament. All students and teachers were allowed to participate in the tournament. The competition was held during both Raider Time and Wellness.


The cost to play on a team was $5 per person, and the money was turned into BSU advisor and wrestling coach Joshua Montesinos in room 529. All proceeds from the tournament went to the Black Student Union. They will use this money to help them with future trips or activities that will help educate the community on black culture.


Montesinos has helped the organization by being their advisor and allowing them to hold meetings in his room during Raider Times. Senior Daniel Adesina is the BSU president and has given the organization so many opportunities, such as reading to the elementary schoolers and having people of color come and share their experiences with the group. The purpose of the Black Student Union is to promote a campus-wide culture of diversity, unity and inclusion through activities, such as the basketball tournament. Its goals are to educate students on black history, bring everyone closer together and create a support group.


The tournament was held in the Raider Arena, and games were played in a bracket form. Each team had to have at least three players to participate. No winners were announced, and no prizes were awarded. The tournament was all for getting the community together and holding a fun competition for a great cause.