Motives Behind a Bucket List


With a bucket list, anyone can judge the dreams of a person. People write bucket lists to give guidelines to the remaining years of their lives as they do not allow them to waste precious time instead of doing things they love.

Hailey Yarbrough, Sports Editor

Bucket lists have been a constant reappearance in our society: many movies today are based on or focus on them. For example, The Bucket List featuring Morgan Freeman shows two deathly sick men who strive to fulfill their dreams of life before they die. Also, A Walk to Remember reveals in many scenes the bucket list of a young girl with cancer who tries to do each event with her new found love. In a simplified manner, a bucket list is defined as a to-do list filled with actions and goals a person wants to accomplish before they pass away. Everyone has a number of goals they want to complete, but they are not always written down on a piece of yellowing paper lying on a night stand. At any time, someone asked what is on that agenda can respond with their mental recording of wishes. At North Forsyth High School, many students possess ambitions that they hope to achieve that contain wild and splendid concepts.



One of the many reoccurrences on a bucket list is the hunger for travel. Adventures take the top spots on wish lists because of the curiosity of people to see new people, places, and experience new things. For example, students wrote in a survey that some places on their bucket list such as back-packing across Europe and traveling to places such as Germany, California, China, Singapore, and Fiji are expeditions that the common public hopes to someday take part in. To contribute to the bucket list theme of travel foundations donate trips to people who are unable to carry them out by their selves. For example, Make a Wish foundation allows children with a fatal illness to declare something on their bucket list and fulfill it. Many times these propositions consist of touring various countries or places like Disney World. As seen in history, humans were not made to stay in one place or content themselves with a sluggish lifestyle with no contrast, so these dreams and goals of finding unseen areas live on in our basic nature.


In a survey of North Forsyth students, it shows that people prefer to do activities rather than travel or meet a famous person. These events include skydiving, climbing mountains in foreign countries, riding elephants or giraffes, becoming rock stars, owning a Corvette or driving a Bugatti. People want to participate in such actions and create adrenaline rushes to feel more alive and different; they want to beat the status quo and introduce some differentiation in their life with unique methods. A daily routine of all work and no play would create the idea that a person’s life is in a rut and dull, but by spicing it up and going base jumping, one can see that life holds much more.