Illuminati Conspiracy: The Resurgence?

Can you see the signs? (Original photo by Owen Wickman)

Can you see the signs? (Original photo by Owen Wickman)

In 2014, Owen Wickman (a staff writer for the Raider Wire) wrote a satire piece about the Illuminati conspiracy that was taking place in the Coal Mountain school area, specifically in the halls of North Forsyth High School. He detailed the ways that the Illuminati had infiltrated the student body, ending with a warning about “staying awake” in the face of manipulation.


As far as anyone was concerned, the story was fake. I mean, it was posted under the Flatline for a reason, right?




I’m here to reiterate: DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THE LIE.


I, too, was blissfully unaware of the real danger that everyone is in. I, too, read his article with a chuckle and dismissed his advice. But in the third year of my high school career, Wickman returned, and I finally realized that something was wrong. 


I scheduled an interview with him out of pure interest in his legacy as a student journalist. I met with him during Raider Time in room 880: his classroom. 


He greeted me and I asked if I could record him. He agreed. He told me about his time as a student journalist, about his satire pieces, about his writing. Everything was going according to plan, but when I asked about the inspiration behind his Illuminati article, his response threw me off.


“You know how trains of thought can get out of control sometimes?” Wickman asked, “I wondered ‘how far can I take this (train of thought)?’”


Control. The word leapt out at me, nagging at me to pay attention. Something about it bothered me. I couldn’t shake the feeling as I asked about his favorite color (green) and his favorite dinosaur (Plesiosaur). Maybe that’s what led me to ask the next question:


“Why did you come back to North?”


There was a pause.


“They needed a science teacher, and I just so happened to be able to do that,” he responded, “But also, I love this school…. It was like my home.”


Love. I was speechless for a moment as the contents of his Raider Wire Staff bio came flooding back to me. “The Ministry of Love,” Wickman’s favorite ministry, is now accepting applications.” This, of course, referred to the ministry in George Orwell’s novel “Nineteen Eighty-Fourwhich inspired loyalty to the government through fear; a direct parallel to the modern Illuminati. 


I was floored. 


After he left, I began to crunch some numbers. Wickman has seven letters. He was a staff writer in the 2013/2014 school year, which began nine years ago. Nine minus seven is two. Two right triangles make a square, which is generally the shape used for the windows in the school. Carnaroli’s office is in the PAC hallway, which is full of windows. 


Stay with me. 


Bob Carnaroli is the principal of North Forsyth High School. The surname Carnaroli originated in Italy. Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian inventor and artist who painted the “Mona Lisa.” The “Mona Lisa” is currently housed in the Louvre Museum in France. The French Revolution started in May of 1789. The birth flower of May is the common Hawthorne. Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Hunt is portrayed in Arthur Miller’s play “The Crucible.” “The Crucible” was published in 1953 as an allegory for the Red Scare. The Red Scare is what the widespread fear of communism is called, and a period of time when this was prevalent was after WWII. The event that brought the United States into WWII was Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan’s main export is cars. 


Can you see where this is going?


Another country whose main export is cars is Germany, one of the biggest players in WWII, and Bavaria, Germany is the attributed birthplace of the Illuminati.


But that’s not all. Do you think it is a coincidence that I am writing this now, the year that Wickman returned? I draw one further piece of the puzzle into the spotlight: another piece of his Raider Wire staff bio.


Owen Wickman is an interesting creature who roams the halls of North Forsyth. The government will not allow him to do otherwise.”


The government. The Illuminati. Control. “The Ministry of Love.”


Wickman has returned to North Forsyth High School (or more likely, never left) because he is a member of the very thing he sought to destroy. 


Wickman is part of the Illuminati.


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  • Isn’t it strange how they hide in the mundane? (Photo by Emma Simmons)

  • The Ministry of Love is accepting applications in room 101. (Photo by Emma Simmons)

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Nobody is safe.






Oh dear.




Three letters.


They’ve already won.