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The Mad Hatter Scene

The Whimsical World of “Alice In Wonderland”

Christina Manes, Staff Writer March 25, 2024

Through March 21-23, the Advanced Drama Class of North Forsyth High School returned with their showing of “Alice In Wonderland.” It’s a theater adaptation of the 1951 original Disney Film. The nostalgic...

North Forsyth High’s silliest teacher, Mr. Fisher.

Choose Your Teacher

Janis Parry, Literature Editor September 12, 2023

Over the years of schooling, everyone has had a favorite teacher at some point. If there is a teacher you don't really like, then there is a teacher you absolutely adore. I can’t really wrap my head...

Lovely goat poses for her picture as she amuses the younger generation for a lifetime


Maddie Lewis, News Editor September 6, 2023

Goat  Greatest Of All Time  Is she the G.O.A.T?    She poses for the camera  Her smile beams right through the camera  Head tilted at such a profound angle    Goat  Her...

Georgia weather being an inconvenience to everyone. Photo made by Janis Parry

Weather That Doesn’t Make Sense

Janis Parry, Staff Writer January 31, 2023

Spring, fall, winter, or summer- the weather could not care less what time of the year it was. It continued as a single entity boundless of norms or correction. It rained when it was not the rainy season...

Katie (top) and Winnie (bottom) who acted as my inspiration for this haiku.

Banana Cat

Iris Chiofolo, Staff Writer October 7, 2022

There once was a cat, Who wore a banana hat, And lived in a flat.   Her hat made her mad She looked funny—just a tad. Amused was her Lad.   It strangled her head, So...

: Poet, Erin Dickman, Throws her notebook in a bout of artistic frustration. Coming up with the right rhyme is hard work.

Limericks: A Lost Art

Samuel Perryman, Prose Editor May 8, 2015

There once was a poet named Fred Who thought, “All the great poets are dead.” So with his own knife, He took his own life, And now all his poems are read.   John Smith was a...

“I grin at him and toss the magazine onto his face. The cover has a picture of Angelina Jolie, and before I can read the gossip that has about a half-chance of being true, he groans and tosses it onto the floor. He crawls onto the couch, his left arm stretched across the back of it, and he smiles a Cheshire-cat grin at me.”

A Conversation about a Hostage Situation

Ashton Bruce, Staff Writer March 9, 2015

“I had a dream about you last night.” “What about?” It’s a question, but the way he says it makes it sound more like a statement. His voice is garbled, due to the way he uses his mouth like...

Dr Lynx, M.D. prepares to perform some science. Dr. Lynx is qualified in gynecology and the physics of moving bricks. He attended school at the University of Mom’s Basement for two years and the University of Tomatoes for another eight.

Friday Lynx: Recent Studies Show…

Owen Wickman, Staff Writer May 16, 2014

In a recent study published in The American Journal of Criminal Psychology has revealed that almost every serial killer in American history was at one point denied the purchase of a new toy when they were...

Billy Cheesecakess favorite animal was the unicorn. He would ride the beast through Jeruslalem and other cities as he commited his ethically dubious acts. Billy Cheesecakess unicorn was known as the fastest mount in all of the Middle East.

The Morally Ambiguous Chronicle of Billy Cheesecakes

Jack Scott, Staff Writer January 24, 2014

The knights of Mordor Great Candyland were valiant slaughterers, addicted to the concept of death grand and noble men, who fought bravely for Mordor Candyland. They rode their demonhounds rainbow-barfing...

One image perfectly captures the human beings surprise.

Citizen Contributes Observations on the Weather

Brandon Moss, Sports Editor January 16, 2014

Recently, on Fox News Channel, political rants ceased for an hour long report on the weather, where Rea Pete, a young woman in Georgia, gave us some insightful observations. “Yeah it’s definitely...

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